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Kathya galloway

Hello there, I'm Kathya a hairstylist servicing the West suburban Chicagoland area.


I'm a mama of two amazing teenage girls who (when they talk to me 😜)
inspire my personal growth in way I never expected. And of course I'm fortunate to have a saint of a husband who deals with all our chaos!


With 14 years of experience, I've found my passion for lived-in, dimensional custom color. My first 10yrs of my career I did only cut and style giving me a good understanding of placement. Since I rely on placement to achieve that seamless grow-out that results in a low-maintenance yet luxe look. 


When it's time for me to unwind, you'll find me in my backyard beneath a cozy gazebo, listening to 90s R&B classics. Or I play chauffeur to my “broke best friends” (aka daughters 😂), making pit stops at Starbucks along the way – you know how it goes! For me, 5 AM workouts have emphasized the importance of a solid hair routine, because who wants to sweat out a blowout?!


click below to explore our booking options or reach out via email with any questions you may have. 😘✌🏽

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